Mango Mentoring

Your goal might be renting your spare car through a car sharing marketplace, or it might be the next globally-recognized car rental brand. No matter the size of your venture you need to perfectly understand your regulatory framework, the financials of a fleet-based business, the best practices, the many services, tools, and products you’ll need, and overall your market and business.

At Mango Mentoring we’ve documented the whole process, from startup to operating, growing, and surviving the many scenarios you’ll face throughout the planning and execution phase.

We will help you start your car sharing business within the scope of the law. Rent your car through Turo, Getaround, Hyrecar, and any other option out there for you.

We will help you start your car rental business or migrate from just doing car sharing to a hybrid or only-direct rentals model.

We will help you expand your business organically and through partnerships, M&As, and servicing agreements.

We will audit your current operation, understand your goals, help you clean up any mess, and get back on track to success.

By having a mentor along your side, you will have an objective, outside point of view with only your success in mind.